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Image by Setyaki Irham

Blackout Films

Located in Tenerife, Canary Islands, the company Blackout Films was born in response to the increased use of digital cinema cameras in the audiovisual sector and its technical requirements that only a laboratory can offer. This company has a team of specialized professionals to offer assistance and coordination in the pre-production, production and post-production processes.


At Blackout Films we are specialists in color grading, conforming and digital post-production, as well as “On Set” services for national and international productions. For this we have optimized equipment for 4K, 6K and up to 8K Workflows. From the room to the final finish for distribution or projection in 35mm or digital DCP.


We offer the possibility of distributing any audiovisual content from our facilities to any part of the world through our servers and with the collaboration of Iter, Itc or the Tenerife technology park.


We also have facilities and equipment for dubbing, jingles, locutions, dubbing and mixing. We have multifunctional spaces (set, color room, assembly room, sound room and DCI projection room). At Blackout Films we are specialists in Digital Cinema and Advertising, from pre-production to the final master in DCP.


“We accompany you throughout the post-production process. We have the tools and creative solutions to make your vision come true in both film and advertising.”

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