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Services on set

Our goal is to provide global and personalized solutions tailored to each client. For this we have the appropriate technology and a great human team prepared to define the needs, produce and deliver the product in the appropriate medium.


We comprehensively accompany you throughout the process, from the first step in pre-production, shooting, post-production, 2K, 4K, 5K color grading, and filming for a 35mm or digital DCP finish.


Digital Lab

Blackout Films has a digital laboratory prepared and optimized for digital cinema workflows, Ultra definition 5k and 4k, working with the main cameras in the sector.

RedONE, Arri ALEXA, Red EPIC, Red Scarlet, Phantom...

Film Projection

We carry out projections with DCP 2k and 4K digital cinema equipment and we have qualified technical personnel to take your project to any location.

We have DCP projectors for rent and we take care of all the technical support at events, rooms...

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